Tips to avoid thirst during Ramadan

  1. Make sure you drink water regularly starting from the time of breaking the fast until sohour. Drinking water that exceeds the body’s need at sohour makes the kidney expel the excess after a few hours. Thus with make you suffer from anxiety during sleep for having to go to the bathroom.
  2. It’s advisable not to exceed the intake of sugars and salt, because a large amount of them slows the process of digestion and absorption, which in turn higher the temperature of your body and increases the feeling of thirst and thus causes stress and headache.
  3. Make sure you have low-fat yoghurt every day. It contains beneficial bacteria that help in digestion and prevent the feeling of thirst, bloating, and heartburn. Lina’s and Dina’s Special Ramadan Menu will provide you with yoghurt everyday, so don’t forget to choose it from your menu.
  4. Avoid fried foods that cause thirst.
  5. Avoid drinking artificially sweetened juices especially at sohour, Because it increases the body’s need for water. And try replacing them with fresh fruit juice.
  6. Avoid eating a lot of sweets as it increases the feeling of thirst.
  7. Avoid eating salty foods such as pickles, canned foods and salty white cheeses, especially at sohour. As they increase the body’s need for water. It is also advisable to avoid adding too much salt to your food. Lina’s & Dina’s diet center is  always making sure to provide you with low in  salt meals to ensure you fast without suffering from thirst.
  8. It is preferable to delay sohour until midnight, with that the fasting person can resist the feeling of thirst.
  9. It is recommended to reduce the meals containing spices, especially on sohour. These foods absorb water from the pharynx, mouth and stomach. According to that your body will require large amounts of water after eating them.
  10. The excessive intake of drinks that contain high amounts of sugar will increase urinary retention and thus will increase the feeling of thirst. Therefore, the fasting person is advised to moderate the intake of high-sugar Ramadan drinks.
  11. It’s preferable to have hot and cold drinks that provide the body with benefits and reduce anxiety, such as lemon juice, hibiscus, anise, ginger, mint and Tamer Al deen, and of course without adding a lot of sugar to them.

Joining Lina’s and Dina’s Ramadan weight loss program will provide you with healthy eating, the nutrients your body needs and will keep you away from thirst   during the holy month of Ramadan.