Tips to eat healthy when you are super busy at work

Eating healthy might be an impossibility for some due to the numerous burdens of life. Between work, school, social relationships, and all other responsibilities, maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes harder and harder.

Many of us eat their lunch at their discs because of being too much busy, some depend on junk food on a daily basis because they are easier and faster when they have no time to cook, and some may just skip the meal because they do not want an unhealthy meal.

Eating at your desk when you are overstressed leads to overeating as you will not be focused on what you are eating. Also, skipping the meal is not a solution.

  1. That is why we, Lina’s and Dina’s diet center, aimed to include the business program in our programs, and we provide you with these tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle when you have a super busy day:
  2. Do not skip breakfast. Before starting your work, have a nutritious and satisfying breakfast, high in protein and fiber, this will help to keep you full for longer time.
  3. Be aware of liquid calories. Juices, milkshakes and some types of coffee are high in calories. Drinking water, plain coffee, and herbal teas without sugar or with sugar alternatives is a better option.
  4. Plan the portion of food you want to eat before starting and remove any other foods. This will prevent mindless eating.
  5. Take some easy and healthy snacks with you like nuts, fruit, vegetables or a small portion of healthy sweets. Because we know people love to snack while working we provide a snack in our business program.
  6. Do not work and eat at the same time. This will ensure you a more pleasurable eating and less quantity eaten.

To know more about the business program, you can click here.

Edit by: Dietitian Reham