The story behind Linas & Dinas

Our Story

Lina’s & Dina’s Diet Center started with the value of family and the health of its members. After witnessing the health decline of loved ones, Lina and Dina Al-Shami made it their mission to counter illnesses such as obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and other results from unhealthy habits. Lina’s & Dina’s Diet Center is here to help other individuals and families to value their well being with a consultative approach, providing the right food and help them achieve more.

  • Founded

    Linasanddinas was founded in kuwait

  • Salmiyah Branch

    Opened its branch in Salmiyah, Bustan Mall

  • ISO 22000

    Linasanddinas achieved ISO 22000 certificate

  • Superbrand

    Lddc had twice been recognized as Superbrand

  • Lddc

    Lddc caters to coops in more that 27 areas

  • Sharq Branch

    Opened another branch in Sahrq area in Kuwait's most luxurious business tower , Al Hamra.

  • 60,000 clients

    Linasanddinas celebrated the achievement of assisting more than 60,000 clients to reach their target weight

  • Healthy Cafe

    Linasanddinas opened its healthy cafe in Egaila area at al arabiyah mall.

  • Talabat

    Linasandinas now in Talabat serving healthy fast meals to all over Kuwait delivered to your door.

  • Deliveroo

    Our healthy and delicious meals are available on Deliveroo. Order now!

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