Dear LDDC Customer,

Prior to sending you your healthy diet for the day, we at Lina’s & Dina’s Diet Center make sure that food is arrived to your location sealed and kept in a clean environment with the right temperature during its delivery. Once your box is delivered to your location and received by the delegated individual it would be then out of our control if the integrity of the box would be compromised. Therefore we kindly ask from you the following:

  1. Once you or the individual you have delegated receives the food box from our delivery team, first thing needs to be checked if the content of the food box is correct. This has to be done in the presence of the diet center’s driver.
  2. If the contents of the food box is correct and as per your diet plan labeled by the member’s of our logistics team, then you may proceed with it.
  3. Incase the contents of the food box are not meant for you then you must inform the diet center’s driver to rectify your order while he is at your location and have not driven off. Incase the driver leaves your location with you receiving the wrong order this would account that you have already received your meals for that day and there won’t be any exchanges. This is to maintain the safety and hygiene of the food box before it reaches you.

Lina’s & Dina’s Diet Center can not be held liable in case the food delivered isn’t as per your subscription or the condition of the food box has been mishandled.

We invite you help our diet center maintain its high standards of food safety by agreeing to the terms mentioned and to disclose any information in our application form of whom might be the person(s) who will be receiving your food from our drivers on your behalf.

I hereby agree to the terms above.

  1. Delivery service will begin two days after the first appointment with the dietician or as per any agreed dated between as determined by the customer.
  2.  In case the subscriber wishes to change (any choice of food menu, address, telephone or any important data), cease provisional or permanent subscription or to terminate membership, it is preferably to inform about the same 48 hours prior to enable the center to take the required procedure.
  3. The Center will not refund your moneys in case cancelling subscription for any reason.
  4. The subscriber has right to transfer his/ her subscription (number of days) to another person in case he/ she desires to cancel his subscription, provided the new subscriber shall undertake to comply with the same conditions.
  5. The subscriber has right to freeze his/ her activities provided not exceeding four months for resuming his/ her activities.
  6. The unexploited days since date of subscription will be calculated for the subscriber in case of renewal provided not exceeding four months.
  7. In case the subscriber desires to renew his subscription, it shall be done within two days prior to expiration.
  8. In case the subscriber changes his/ her address, telephone or any important details, the subscriber shall immediately inform the Center.
  9. Kindly be informed that food delivery service will begin from 7:00 am and 2:00 pm, in case the driver delays, call the Center back for taking the necessity procedure.
  10. In case the customer desires to take the box in a specified time, be informed that this service will cost KD 20.00 for using a private driver to deliver the box in a specified time provided it shall be in the Center work hours.
  11. The Center will not bear any responsibility toward weight increasing or loss for any customer because there are differences in ability to change the diet and sporting exercises. Therefore, there is no warranty for weight increase or weight loss in particularly in first two weeks of the subscription.
  12. The subscriber who desires to benefit of our diet programs, he / she shall review with the dietician because the dietician will be responsible for any development may emerge after completing medical evaluation in a specified time with the dietician.
  13. It is the subscriber’s full responsibility to inform all members living in the same household that may be subject to receiving the food box, to check the received items and the quality and freshness of the food. After the delivery notice is signed, the box and its content are NO longer the center’s responsibility for anything missing or damaged food.